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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Easy to Start Your Own Business

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Being A Certified Media Placement Specialist Is Critical For Success

You might well ask, “What is a ‘Certified Media Placement Specialist?’” First of all, this is not about getting a certification to put on your resume to get a job. Why would you want to learn how to work for someone else when we can teach you how to work for yourself? What we can teach you is how to specialize in the skill of media placement. This is bigger than just traditional marketing. However, it is similar in a lot of ways.

To quote Mary Gersten from Global Network, "When someone masters the art and science of placing media, they start to control the game". If they master many areas, they are what many experts call a “media mogul.” A “media mogul” controls different forms of media and, ultimately, marketing.

Mary also said "When I think of those who have built true wealth in the world today, I think of Time Warner, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and one of my heroes, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is self-made. She is a self-made billionaire media mogul. Oprah is now the owner of Harpo Productions, has her own TV show, had a radio show, and does print media and Internet marketing".

If you are serious about developing an Internet Business or indeed any business you need this information and you need to acquire this vital skill. With very little effort we can show you how to start small and find one or two methods of media that work for you. Then we show you how to add more and more media, allowing your business to grow and develop (often exponentially).

Although, in the beginning, we show you how to use Internet marketing as a tool, it is just one of many forms of media with which to work. It very well could be the fastest, simplest and lowest risk of any of the larger media out there. If you can get things to work on the Internet, you can immediately start to work with placing other media like direct mail, ads in magazines, radio, TV and more.

The best part about our program is that the skills we introduce and teach you as a “Certified Media Placement Specialist” are transferable to any business or industry. In fact, from my experience, it is the highest paid skill today. Even if you never work in our “Certified Media Placement Specialist Program,” it is my goal to get you to think bigger than you have ever thought about your personal success.

I really encourage you to learn more about the program to see how it can benefit you and accelerate your business. Feel free to get my Free Report through the banner link above.

To Your Success.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

INSPIRATION Will Beat FEAR and DOUBT Everytime

Undoubtedly we have all met circumstances or situations in our lives which have caused us to really question ourselves and to doubt our ability. What is vitally important about these occasions is not how often or how badly you feel knocked down, but rather, it's all about how often and how strongly you bounce back up and get into gear again, refocussed with passion, committment and determination to really succeed against all odds.

The process of building a business, irrespctive of whether it's a large corporate enterprise or a home-based business activity, can be subject to the same uncertainties and questions of doubt. When those moments arise, I find it helpful to reflect on some of history's outstanding examples of inspiration, courage, determination and personal sacrifice. They always serve to be a magnificent source of strength, encouragement and renewal.

Please enjoy the following links which I've provided to allow you to share some of the images and thoughts that have inspired me to continue building and improving my business.

Far too frequently I've seen individuals "give up" just because they lacked or never developed the correct ATTITUDE. While, in modern language, this term is occasionally invested with different connotations suggesting a negative or unpleasant characteristic, for me it has always been a strong and positive word, a favoured characteristic for one to possess. You may even be familiar with its use in one of my favourite expressions drawn from Air Force and flying experience; "Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE". In other words, you're never going to reach a desired GOAL or height (ALTITUDE) until you set and hold the correct mindset (ATTITUDE).

I hope you have been able to take moments of inspiration from the above links that will continue to propel you towards success in your business ventures and through life in general. More to follow soon, so do make a point of returning often.

To your success.